Pat Burke founded Patrick J. Burke and Co. in 1984 out of an office on Grandin Road in Cincinnati. The Cincinnati business strategy firm and accounting practice continued to grow, and eventually, Patrick J. was dropped from the name, resulting simply in Burke & Co.

In 1995, Pat hired Gene Schindler to open and operate an office in Northern Kentucky, resulting in immediate success adding numerous Northern Kentucky businesses and residents as clients.

By the late 90s, Burke & Co. had outgrown its space on Grandin Road, and Pat began looking for new office space. An abandoned firehouse from the 1900s in front of the Adam Place Condominiums caught Pat’s eye and before going out to a weekend dinner with his wife and friends, Pat made a quick detour. In front of that abandoned firehouse, Pat got down on one knee and asked his wife, Mary Jo, if he could buy the building and requested she help him restore it.

Mary Jo accepted, and the renovations were complete in 1999. Shortly after moving into the restored firehouse, Pat named Gene Schindler partner, and Burke & Co. became Burke & Schindler. The firehouse team has continued to kindle its relationships with its valued clients and spark new business ventures ever since.

As a Cincinnati business strategy firm, Burke & Schindler provide a variety of strategic services for its clients, including board and executive leadership consultation, human resources, accounting, business and personal tax and wealth management, and more.