Start Planning for Next Tax Season Now with a Local, Trusted Cincinnati CPA

As 2018’s tax season comes to a close, many small business owners are realizing just how truly challenging and time-consuming doing taxes can be. It is also a time to take note of the possibilities missed for write-offs, small business tax breaks in your state, and more.

For over 30 years, Burke & Schindler has been serving as a trusted CPA in Cincinnati for all business types and sizes. Our experience has served the businesses of Cincinnati with a commitment to accuracy, precision to detail, and a determination to help every business owner we can.

Hiring your local Cincinnati CPA is a huge benefit for you and your business for many reasons:

A local CPA will save you time.
As a business owner, you do everything. If something doesn’t get done, it falls to you. So why burden yourself with such a huge undertaking as taxes? Save yourself hours and hours of time and let your local Cincinnati CPA handle your taxes this year.

• A local CPA could save you money.
While some people may believe paying a CPA to do their taxes just means spending more money, it generally proves to be the opposite. Your local CPA knows the tax system better than any business owner could, so they will work to save your business money every way legally possible. And if you think about it, it’s in your CPA’s best interest to help save you money. If you are happy with your taxes and how they’re done, not only will you be a returning customer, but you’ll also tell other business owners you know about your amazing Cincinnati CPA.

• A local CPA is nearby.
Choosing to work with your local Cincinnati CPA means you can see and visit the person on the other end of the phone or email. You aren’t filing with a stranger online or with a person you have never seen. It’s a trusted advisor that is nearby to answer all your questions.

• A local CPA knows state and federal tax laws.
This may seem obvious, as it is a CPA’s job to know state and federal tax laws, but there are more benefits to this than just your taxes. There may be local, state, or federal benefits of being a business owner that you are not aware of. Hiring your local Cincinnati CPA could help you save money on more than just your taxes.