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Dedicated to helping businesses large and small

For more than 40 years, Burke & Schindler has been a valued, proven, and loyal financial firm for both small and large businesses operating in the Cincinnati area. If you are looking for a financial firm to help your business in any area of finance, we have the experience and experts to help you reach the next step of your company’s goals and objectives.

Whether you want to fund a new business, grow your current business, or need consultation or help with your company’s taxes and accounting, the financial advisors at Burke & Schindler CPA can help. They will create the right plan for both you and your business—regardless of size.

In addition to offering financial planning services and advice, they provide many other services ranging from help in choosing and retaining proper job hires via talent management and value creation when and if you choose to ever sell your business.

Because Burke & Schindler has proven experts in so many financial and planning fields, our financial firm can keep all of your business needs in-house, under one roof, and up to par in every area. This ensures everyone is on the same page and helps avoid any mistakes that could happen by having multiple advisors running your business plans.

If you’re about to begin your business process and finances, consider Burke & Schindler CPA as your financial advisors. We can help you from the ground up and provide the insights, expertise, and financial tools to help your company grow into a thriving business.

If your business is already underway but have multiple companies doing your finances and planning, enjoy peace of mind by bringing everything to one firm, which could help you avoid any potential financial mistakes or errors.

If you’re thinking about getting out of your business, let our advisors help you plan for the future.

Call our Cincinnati financial firm today at 513.455.8200 or fill out our form here to talk with one of our financial advisors to create the right financial plan for you and your business.