Trusted CPA in The Cincinnati Area

At Burke & Schindler, we have been providing consultations for businesses and individuals alike in the Cincinnati area since 1984. We have clients in all 50 states as well as parts of Europe and Asia that we provide a variety of services for, such as: strategic growth counseling, exit planning and strategy, value creation, financial risk management, and more. We have an experienced team that specializes in each of the services we offer to ensure the highest-quality service for our clients.

While we often get questions about the services we provide, what we do, the size businesses we can help, and how we can help your business specifically, today we’d like to focus on a different question: “What does a financial risk management consultant do?” There are many misconceptions about this service, so we’d like to help clear things up.

What Does A Financial Risk Management Consultant Do?

A financial risk management consultant helps you create guidelines for your business by assessing and prioritizing risks as well as considering the corresponding actions your business should take should an event occur. By properly prioritizing your risk management before your business has begun or when it is in its beginning stages, you are preparing your business to defend against impacts of unfortunate events while also capitalizing on potential opportunities that may arise. Properly mapping out your financial risk management before an issue occurs could potentially save your business in the future when a catastrophe does happen. On the flip side, mapping out your financial risk management before a potential opportunity arises could launch your business further ahead than it would have been.

As you can see, risk management is important, but hiring knowledgeable consultants before a disaster arises is even more important. If you are looking to start about a business, are about to start a business, or are in business and have never put your risk management guidelines in place, contact our Cincinnati office today and let our expert financial risk management consultants help your business prepare for its future.