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At Burke & Schindler, we’re a group of experienced strategists, accountants, and all-around business growers. Our management team has a history of business management, business ownership, and executive leadership. We know best practice strategies in business management and we’ve witnessed worst practice disasters. We can help you implement more of the former and avoid the latter.

Most business strategy is based on numbers. These numbers are projections of the interaction of hundreds of variables to determine their anticipated P&L impact. Burke & Schindler can help you identify strategic opportunities as well as quantitatively model your business to forecast the outcome of changes in pricing, market share, costs, alternative sales strategies, and dozens of “what-if” scenarios.

For example, a retailer was considering major changes to its product mix. It needed help projecting the results in a way that would allow it to analyze hundreds of variations of product mix. Burke & Schindler business management advisors were able to build a model that enabled the owner to test product mix against volume assumptions in order to optimize gross margin. The strategic product shift turned out to be a game-changer for the retailer.

In another instance, a rapidly growing business services client was seeing its top line grow while its bottom line shrank. The firm engaged Burke & Schindler to help find the reasons for these declining profits. Burke & Schindler’s business management consultants helped the firm determine that the top line was growing with unprofitable revenue—services that enriched the sales reps, but ultimately making the company poorer. We helped design and implement a profit margin-based incentive system for sales reps coupled with modifications to general manager compensation based on net income. The slide in the bottom line immediately reversed, and profits began increasing at a rate exceeding the top-line growth.

For more than 30 years of partnering with hundreds of business clients, Burke & Schindler has helped identify and execute strategic opportunities to help businesses grow and prosper. If you suspect your business could be doing better, operating smarter, or growing faster, you’re probably right. Let Burke & Schindler’s business management experts take a look with fresh eyes.

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