Tools and Technology

Investing in new technology can keep you current, competitive, and cutting edge.


You’ve spent months—no, years—doing all the right things, checking all the right boxes to ensure your business can achieve and sustain valuable growth. Your processes are in place. Your people are happy. Your stakeholders are content.

What now?

As an experienced business owner, you know there are two very basic paths to take when growing your business. The first is to be reactive to the environment around you. Of course, being reactive means waiting to see what your competition does next, how the market responds to change or how new technology will impact your operations. The second path is to be proactive. Being proactive means taking a forward-looking stance toward industry change, predicting what may happen, what’s best for your business, and building strategies that take advantage of emerging trends and technologies.

Both approaches have risks, and in our rapidly changing business environment, staying ahead of the curve can feel like starting an entirely new business all over again. At Burke & Schindler, we’ve worked with clients to help discover and implement new tools and business technology to help you uncover new efficiencies and discover new growth opportunities all while allowing you to maintain your current growth trajectory, keeping your stakeholders happy.

Technology’s Impact on Business

It’s become truly difficult to ignore how technology is changing entire businesses. Ecommerce has not only changed the distribution tactics of retailers, but branding considerations, customer service strategies and even their customers’ expectations of their business. According to several retail industry studies, the large majority of consumers expect conveniences like free shipping and free returns when buying goods online—costs many retail businesses are dealing with for the first time.

But ecommerce is just one microcosm in the grand scheme of the technology impacting business today. Stop reading and think for just a moment about the technologies you use daily to power your business. Depending on your industry, any combination of the following, and more, likely play a role your business operations:

  • Social media, email or online marketing
  • Reputation management
  • Point of sale
  • Inventory or distribution management
  • Recruitment and hiring software
  • Content, relationship or knowledge management platforms
  • Intranets or stakeholder communication

These are just a few examples of spaces in which technology has catalyzed massive change over the past decade or more. And, as mobile technology continues to grow, opportunities for data collection, distribution and relationship management become even more personal.

At Burke & Schindler, we’ve helped our clients navigate the waters of business technology adoption, beginning with the decision-making process and leading all the way through implementation, process redesign and operational integration. As you continue to consider new ways to grow your business technology practice, let us help you craft strategies that will allow technology grow your business.