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We are excited to announce that Pat Burke was recently included in the article about whether a solo entrepreneur should add a business partner! So often, founders of companies are faced with challenges and think that bringing on a partner is the right way approach.

One may be the loneliest number, but sometimes two is a crowd.

One may be the loneliest number, yet as author and serial entrepreneur, Patrick Burke explains in There Is No Us In Business, partnering up is only wise when your business actually requires a skillset you do not possess, and that expertise cannot be acquired with money alone. Instead of diluting your business, if you can buy the skill, buy it!

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs with companies of all sizes are facing some daunting challenges from the current battles to secure the best talent, digital transformation, and the constant pressure to do more with less. More and more business owners seek out partners to buffer the impact, gain skills and access innovation.

However, as Burke explains, all too often business owners allow emotion to influence whether to go solo or to take on a partner ending in a poor trade where the owner exchanges their most valuable asset—often equity—for a buyable skill satisfying a short-term need only.

Having worked with more than 200 start-up businesses, and with over thirty-five years of experience as a business advisor, Patrick Burke offers methods that are both insightful and lasting. Learn first-hand how to best operate, grow, and exit your company on your terms, to maximize your return, while identifying the simplest and easiest path to improvement.

In There Is No Us In Business, business readers will discover when it is the right time to partner in business, and how to grow your organization while ideally maintaining 100% ownership or at least a controlling interest.

Burke has successfully helped entrepreneurs start, run, and exit their businesses, helping them to gain a greater competitive advantage in today’s challenging business world. There Is No Us In Business is more than a tool offering you a greater competitive advantage; it’s your strategy for staying in business.

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