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At Burke & Schindler, we have one of the lowest employee turnover rates of any similar-sized professional advisory services firm. The reason? We are experts at talent management and are here to help you find and retain top talent.

In fact, we’re so good at talent acquisition and retention that we built a company to help organizations assemble and retain their dream teams.

Finding, attracting and retaining top talent doesn’t happen by accident. And yet, many businesses treat this key business strategy as if people were interchangeable commodities. They are not. Staffing studies have shown there can be as much as a 56 percent productivity differential between high performers and “average” employees.

How many average employees do you have? What’s it costing you?

Unfortunately, many employers today have the burden of accomplishing more work with fewer workers. The next time you need to find a high performer or solve a wicked problem, ask your staffing advisor about their company’s turnover rate. If their firm’s turnover is higher than yours, call us. We’ll work with you to find, inspire and retain top talent. You can learn more about all of our staffing and employee management services here.

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Employee Management

There’s a reason why Burke & Schindler probably has the lowest employee turnover of any professional advisory services firm in the greater Cincinnati area:  we are experts at finding and …

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