Employee Management


There’s a reason why Burke & Schindler probably has the lowest employee turnover of any professional advisory services firm in the greater Cincinnati area:  we are experts at finding and retaining top talent. In fact, we’re so good at talent acquisition and retention, we built a company focused on employee management to help organizations assemble and keep their dream teams.

Most employers today have to accomplish more work with fewer workers.  There are really only four ways to accomplish this:

  1. Invest in automation and technology (We can help you with that.)
  2. Improve your processes to eliminate unnecessary steps, improve cycle times and reduce costly errors (We can help you with that, too.)
  3. Hire and retain better employees, which is the mission of Burke & Schindler’s Aptissimi company
  4. Utilize contingency workers, a service of Aptissimi

Finding, attracting, and retaining top talent doesn’t happen by accident. And yet, many businesses treat the critical business strategy vertical of employee management as if people were interchangeable commodities. They are not; staffing studies have shown there can be as much as a 56% productivity differential between high performers and “average” employees. How many average employees do you have?  What’s that costing you?

Contingency workers aren’t just warehouse labor and seasonal retail workers these days.  They have MBAs, CPAs, technology certifications, and a wealth of experience.   They can help solve wicked problems or smooth out a business’s workload peaks.  Recently, Aptissimi recruited a team of contingency specialists to execute a project for a client.  The Aptissimi team worked under the direction of our client’s project manager.  They were productive for every single hour they worked, paid only when they worked, completed the project in less than half the time the client estimated would be required, and cost far less than if the client had used their own staff to execute the project.

The next time you need to find a high performer or solve a wicked problem, ask your staffing advisor about their company’s turnover rate.  If their turnover is higher than yours, please call us.