Small Business Taxes

Starting your business right means building an appropriate tax strategy.

The early stages of a business are a very important time for the success and long-term health of any enterprise. As such, there are some key considerations that deserve an appropriate level of analysis during this early phase. Burke & Schindler has been advising businesses on small business taxes from the moment these startup business being, and we have been fortunate enough to see most achieve sustainable and scalable long-term growth.

Burke & Schindler is committed to seeing your business start out strong. Doing this requires specific knowledge of the dynamic business environment in which your enterprise will be operating. Identifying unique challenges and opportunities and communicating these to business owners is just one of the many ways a Burke & Schindler business advisor can add significant value to your business.

Our business advisors can help you find a tax strategy that is ideal for your specific situation. Adhering to a relevant tax strategy and keeping in mind risk management considerations is a great way to come out of the gate. Minimizing tax liabilities is important for any business, but is often more pronounced for a business in the early stages, as there are often liquidity concerns.

Startup Growth & Risk Management

Risk management should not be discounted when considering the processes that should be in place for your business to succeed. When a business owners fail to adequately identify key risk management considerations, they often do so at their own detriment. Risk management is rather inclusive in nature and entails assessing and prioritizing risks as well as considering the corresponding actions the business should take should an event occur. Risk management systems are typically put in place to help a business stay on track and defend against the impact of unfortunate events as well as capitalize on potential opportunities that are identified.

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic business environment, it is pivotal that a business is able to have a comprehensive analysis of risk management considerations. The business advisors at Burke & Schindler have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this area and have helped countless startup companies like yours navigate these murky waters.

At Burke & Schindler, we’re not your typical CPA firm concerned only with deliverables like financial statements and tax returns. While we can and do supply these for our clients, our experience leads us to believe that our real value comes from our ability to not only report our clients’ activity, but our ability to consult with clients and guide them to the path of prosperity. The business advisors at Burke & Schindler have experienced tremendous success over the years doing exactly this for our clients. If you are considering buying or starting a business or perhaps are already on that track, contact one of our business advisors today and learn about the different ways we are able to help your business succeed.