Grow a Small Business

Self-financing is an important step in your transition to a growth business.

You’ve made it! The odds were in your favor, things broke your way, and, through hard work and calculated risk, your startup company has survived. You are now past the point of worrying about keeping your doors open and the lights on. The perfect storm of payroll and rent hitting on the same day or week no longer has you reaching for the hurricane shutters. You’re ready to grow a small business.


If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you probably spend little time reflecting on where your business has been than on where it is going. Your thoughts are most likely dominated by how to grow and expand your business. At Burke & Schindler we have helped more than 100 startups grow into profitable and valuable businesses. While each startup is unique, the biggest challenge is almost always obtaining additional capital needed to fund growth.

Funding Your Growth

In starting a business, owners often tap every available resource for capital: friends, family, fools, and bankers. Friends, family, and fools tend to invest with their hearts rather than their heads, but bankers make loans based on the three C’s: Current Cash Flow (from existing operations), Character (they trust you), and Collateral (hard assets).

So here you are. Your family, friends, and fools are tapped, and your banker will only lend against the hard assets associated with your growth. As a result, any start-up, ramp-up, or short-term losses associated with the growth of your business will need to be self-financed or you may bring on a financial partner. Self-financing is basically the retained earnings at the bottom of your balance sheet—it’s all the money you have reinvested in your business and not distributed out to yourself.

Burke & Schindler Will Help You Grow a Small Business

Burke & Schindler has more than 30 years of experience helping entrepreneurs raise capital to grow their businesses. Burke & Schindler can assist you in obtaining bank financing and by ensuring your financial records are in the proper condition for a bank to make an accurate assessment of your creditworthiness. Burke & Schindler can also make certain adding a partner to your business is done in the most tax-efficient and fairest way possible.

Most importantly, we can assist you in determining what amount of your business’s growth will need to be self-financed by working with you to create an operating and capital budget to achieve your growth goals.

Once you have obtained the necessary financing, Burke & Schindler will ensure your business takes advantage of all the depreciation deductions associated with any assets fueling your business’s growth. At Burke & Schindler, we pride ourselves on proactively remaining abreast of all changes in the tax law and taking full advantage of any benefits for our clients.

Teaming up with Burke & Schindler can prevent you from making a costly mistake. One of our favorite lines around the office is, “Business is like weekend golf. The player who makes the least mistakes generally wins.” As you work to grow your business, think of us as your caddy while you tee up your start-up and drive it toward growth. To learn more, contact us today.