Value Creation

Regardless of how many businesses you’ve owned and operated or how long you’ve been calling yourself a business owner, a moment will arrive when you either decide to sell your company to a third party or transfer it to a family member. Although this may sound simplistic—and in many ways it truly is—businesses that have a demonstrable, long-term track record of profitable growth and value result in transactions that can keep a seller like you on the beach for a long time. To sell for a high value, you need to first create a valuable business.

However, in our experience, most owners fail to recognize the significant upside of creating valuable businesses until it’s too late to realize many of the positive returns through a sale. At Burke & Schindler, we say these owners have spent too much time working in their businesses and not enough time working on them. Unfortunately, the opportunity cost of thinking only about the short-term operations of your business is a smaller long-term payout.

Burke & Schindler is dedicated to helping businesses and the business owners we partner with thrive. This means ensuring that owners like you create long-term processes that will ensure the business you built continues to provide value for its customers and its employees long after you’ve moved on to your next challenge.

Areas of Service

Building Business Value

At Burke & Schindler, we work with our clients to ensure the long-term goal of building business value doesn’t get placed on the back burner.

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Exit Velocity

We all have goals. Burke & Schindler can help you create a targeted exit strategy to help you achieve your exit velocity and reach your goals.

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