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Burke & Schindler is a leading Cincinnati based accounting firm.  We will help you maximize your business value. In addition, we also offer tax services, human resource and staffing assistance, retirement plans, and consulting for businesses of all sizes. Our experience in the business world and our professional team allows Burke & Schindler to bring incomparable tools for generating and growing wealth. Trust Burke & Schindler with all of your accounting needs.

Burke & Schindler: Accountant in Cincinnati

Are you searching for the right corporate accountant? With Burke & Schindler, you will have access to experienced accountants dedicated to not only keeping your finances in order, but also providing innovative advice on how to build and expand the profitability of your business. We serve businesses during the start-up, growth, transition and exit phases, maximizing shareholder value along the way.

For start-up companies, we provide bookkeeping services, determine your cash needs and capital expenditures, and more. When it comes to growing and transitioning a business, we are there to support and guide you through a constantly changing market. No matter what the needs of your business, Burke & Schindler is the ideal CPA firm to support your company.

Why Choose Burke & Schindler?

Burke & Schindler is devoted to building strong business partnerships with their clients by delivering high quality services yielding superior results. Burke & Schindler is a full service CPA firm whose people excel in their responsiveness, commitment, and expertise in directing entrepreneurs to maximize all opportunities. Headquartered in downtown Cincinnati, we have years of experience in the business world, which enables us to think creatively and approach your business’s finances from an informed perspective. We are here not only as an accountant, but also as a trusted advisor for any and all business decisions that you need to make.