Implement A Strategic Growth Plan That’s Appropriate For Your Business.

Look inward and ask yourself what exactly are you looking for? The answer is easy. You’re looking for a sustainable, competitive advantage. Without this, you’re likely competing strictly on price.

The big question to be answered is, “What does your company do that your competitors do not?” This is the true essence of what is valuable to your customers. Something that makes you superior to your competition. According to a Harvard University study, “Competitive position is twice as important to profitability as the industry in which a company operates.”

At Burke CPAs & Advisors, we help identify strategic opportunities as well as quantitatively forecast the outcome of changes in pricing, market share, costs, alternative sales strategies, and dozens of other “what-if” scenarios.

We also help with setting:

Industry KPIs for your business.

Setting performance goals for production, sales, and administrative departments.

Accounting for growth.

We have decades worth of proven strategic experience assisting business owners grow profitably.

Forming your board.

Prying the tight lid off an entrepreneur’s business and shedding light on operations is best done by forming a Board of Advisors.

Tools and technology.

Discover and implement new tools and business technology to help you uncover new efficiencies.

Risk and tax management.

Our advisors have a wealth of experience ensuring businesses like yours reach their potential by mitigating risk and taxes.

With more than 35 years of experience partnering with thousands of businesses like yours, Burke CPAs & Advisors has successfully helped identify and execute strategic opportunities to ensure businesses grow and prosper.

“Competitive position is twice as important to profitability as the industry in which a company operates.”

Is Your Business Strategy Designed to Grow Your Business?


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