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Business strategy

Whether you're starting your first business or fiftieth, we will help you get your venture off the ground and on the path to sustainable growth.
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We have decades of experience helping business owners like you manage the numbers that power the growth of your business.
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Tax Services

Burke & Schindler's licensed CPAs are strategic thinkers who will help you craft real plans to build value through tax strategies.
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Workforce Management

Your employees are one of your most valuable assets. Burke & Schindler will work with you to ensure their success in the workplace.
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Value Creation

Exiting your business is about more than just making the sale—it's about building tangible value. We'll work with you to build toward your exit velocity.
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Our experience is both deep and wide. We've served businesses of all sizes, from non-profit to hospitality and professional services.
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Your Cincinnati Financial Management Partner

At Burke & Schindler, we've worked with companies of all shapes, sizes, and growth stages. Whether you need help planning your tax strategy for the next year, thinking through employee retirement planning options, or starting your very first company, our advisors will approach your business problem with a strategic lens. Burke & Schindler is the strategic financial management firm for you. Together, we'll do more than help your business grow - we'll work to make it thrive.
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