Patrick Burke, Managing Partner of Burke & Schindler PLL and Concentric Wealth Management and author if his new book “The 10 Biggest Business Mistakes And How to Avoid Them” joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Patrick Burke discuss the following:

  1. What qualifies you to write this book?
  2. Who should read this book?
  3. What is a Business owners most common impediment to success?
  4. Are entrepreneurs born or made?
  5. What is the most common obstacle for a would-be entrepreneur?
  6. Must you be able to eat risk for breakfast to be a successful business owner?
  7. Is building a strong culture essential to success?
  8. Why is a business owner’s biggest strength also her biggest weakness?

Patrick Burke is the Managing Partner of Burke & Schindler PLL and Concentric Wealth Management. Passionate about helping entrepreneurs start, grow, manage, and build valuable businesses, he has advised more than 200 successful start-ups, and is an expert across multiple disciplines including mergers and acquisitions, business financing, and deal structuring. He’s on the Board of Directors for SMS Holdings in Nashville and UASI in Cincinnati and maintains Series 7 and Series 66 Securities licenses. He lives in Cincinnati with his wife and is an avid swimmer, cyclist, drummer and grandfather. His new book is The 10 Biggest Business Mistakes And How To Avoid Them.

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