Several times each year, I meet with clients who are considering starting or buying their own businesses. To them and to you I say, Let’s make it happen in 2016. Why, you may ask. Well …

Even though the Fed finally acted and prime rate went up a quarter point, capital is still very cheap. Moreover, banks are flush with cash and, although cautious, are looking for worthy borrowers with good business plans.

As evidenced by everything from hoverboards to Uber, not all the good ideas are taken. How many times, just in the last year, did you say to yourself why didn’t I think of that?  Or, maybe you did think of that and someone else beat you to the punch. If you are not personally harboring the next great idea, franchises are a great way to go into business for yourself. Since the franchisor has reduced the competitive advantage of the business to a series of processes, all you need is some capital and the ability to execute those processes.

I have been helping business owners start, run and sell businesses for 35 years and can say—without reservation and with great authority—that a successful business is the best way to create wealth. The stock and bond markets are in a state of flux and totally out of your control. Your own company’s success, on the other hand, is absolutely within your control. Even more importantly, the success of your business can be easily converted into a valuable and saleable asset. I have never seen more buyers looking for small businesses to buy, which means prices are sky high.

At this point, I imagine many of you are thinking that now is just not the right time to start a business. After 35 years, I’ve come to understand that if you are waiting for the perfect confluence of low personal responsibility and a high personal liquidity, you’ll likely be waiting forever. Start exploring ideas now and use 2016 as your year to create your own exit velocity (if you are wondering about what the term “exit velocity” means, please see my book Exit Velocity).

Lastly, I can tell you from not only my personal experience but also from my close personal association with my clients running a successful business is fun. Simply knowing it is all up to you—although sometimes daunting—is much more interesting and rewarding than working for the “man.

As we begin 2016, here’s my challenge to you: drop that novel or self-help book, grab a pen and start writing your business plan now. When you are finished give me a call and together we will make it happen in 2016.