If you’ve ever said, “We need better employees,” you’re in good company – which really means you’re in bad company. Most employers are suffering through an epidemic of employee mediocrity. And yet some companies have no problem attracting great talent. Why is that? 

Like cream rising to the top, great employees often find a path to companies with passionate leadership, a sense of direction, highly capable colleagues, competitive compensation policies, clear internal communications, carefully coordinated role assignments, involved management, engaged employees, and a team oriented culture. 

How do you stack up? Is your company positioned to attract – and retain – great employees? 

A People Operations Best Practices Audit can help you answer that question. A Best Practices audit is an objective look at your company’s employment practices by professionals trained in effective talent acquisition and retention principles. It’s an examination of a company’s policies and processes related to hiring, training and development, promotions, compensation, succession planning, and internal communications to ensure the organization’s human capital practices provide a foundation for acquiring, developing, and retaining the best employees. 

While there are many benefits of a careful examination of your company’s hiring and retention practices, the fundamental goals are simple: 

1. Improve the quality of your new hires 

2. Keep your best people 

3. Develop employee potential 

Armed with an objective, an informed assessment of the levers required to deliver those three simple goals, you can change the direction and destiny of your company. Without such an assessment, you are flying blind. 

Step 1: know where you want to go 

Step 2: determine where you currently stand 

Step 3: map how to reach your employee quality objectives 

Step 4: execute the principles and processes that will get you there 

Burke Professionals can help you along each step of the process. Our experts can help you clarify where you want to go, assess what’s working in your people operation and what’s not. We will map out a plan to remediate deficiencies and institute best practices, and help execute a clear, definable, measurable, accountable, and achievable plan to reach your goal of better employees. 

Call us to discuss your situation. A People Operations Best Practices Audit may provide you with the road map to the better employees you’ve been looking for. 

Mark is a Director at Burke Professionals, and can be reached at mark.miller@protem.pro or by calling his office at 513.455.820