Mark has 25 years of professional contracting experience. He served as the Division Director for a large global contracting firm prior to launching Xperianz, one of the most successful professional staff augmentation startups in the Midwest. Mark is a CPA and began his professional career as a Senior Consultant for E&Y. He founded and sold four contracting firms prior to joining Pat Burke in multiple professional service operations.

Articles by Mark

Help Wanted

It’s a challenging time to be an employer. It’s a challenging time to be an employer. That’s not a typo. That’s me anticipating all of you who just thought, ”You can say that again.” Here are some tips for small business owners who are facing these challenges:

A Roadmap From Good To Great

If you’ve ever said, “We need better employees,” you’re in good company – which really means you’re in bad company. Most employers are suffering through an epidemic of employee mediocrity. And yet some companies have no problem attracting great talent. Why is that?  Like cream rising to the top, great employees often find a path […]