There’s a war for talent going on out there. Are you collecting the spoils of the war, or are you taking casualties?

Today, in February of 2022, there are 11 million open jobs in the US. That’s two open jobs for every worker available to hire. And that’s why your job openings are taking longer to fill and the candidates you are seeing may not be of the same caliber you used to see.

More US workers changed jobs last year than ever before in history. But hang on…that’s just the first wave. Are you positioned to capture some of the extraordinary talent in the motion and turmoil occurring in the labor force today? It’s not too late. In fact, it’s just the beginning of a whole new game. Businesses that understand the new rules of the employment game have an unprecedented opportunity to compete and win the war for talent.

As professional recruiters, we work with companies that hire great people. So, we talk to hundreds of great people every week to pitch professional opportunities with these selective companies. We know what these great employers are looking for, and we know what they are looking to avoid. What they are looking for could be your funnel. What they are running from might be an umbrella keeping the rain of great prospective employees away.

If your policies for work flexibility relative to hours and location have not changed dramatically in the past two years, you will lose. It really is that simple. You will lose your best and your brightest, and you will not be able to replace them with someone else’s best and brightest. The best and the brightest always have many employment choices and working flexibility has become the third leg on the candidates’ selection stool along with compensation and culture. And without that “flexibility” leg, your employer stool won’t stand.

Adopting remote work technology and management practices is hard. Running a successful business with mediocre employees is harder. The losers raise umbrellas. The winners build funnels.

We are experts at managing remote and hybrid workforces. We’ve been successfully managing our own remote workforce for over five years. We adopted collaborative workflow tools, unified communication platforms, softphones, video conferencing, and remote management techniques. We’ve learned a lot along the way. We can help you get there in half the time. So, you can compete. So, you can win.

If you are waiting for things to return to normal, I suggest you read “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson. And call us if you’d like to turn your umbrella inside out and transform your business into a talent funnel.

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